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Nana Lemons

Updated: Apr 1

Today, we’re featuring Cassie @ Nana Lemons, a local Tucson multi-media embroidery artist! Keep reading to learn more about her process and inspiration!

I focus on multi-media embroidery pieces incorporating traditional stitches with paints, beading and anything else that draws my interest. I lean towards nature inspiration and also sell my designs as PDF downloads for people who want to make their own products.

Handmade crafts take a long time to make! But each piece has a memory attached or inspiration taken from the desert and I really enjoy making these and evolving.

I have always loved multi media and started mixing mediums with paints on canvas. I came back to sewing for stress relief, and also because it is such an easier craft to start and stop. I started getting more and more into embroidery after finding pieces my great grandmother sewed. I want to honor tradition and put my own twist on it as well.

I want my gifts to be a part of people's lives. Whenever I make tea towels I want them to be used. The ones my grandmother gave me are used for everything from dishes to cleaning up kid messes and I think of her every time I use them. They don't look especially great anymore, but I know she'd rather I use them than have them sit in a drawer and I want the same.

I want my finished pieces to be in colorful houses and gifts for people who appreciate something a little different.

What I love about Tucson:

Sunsets hands down. Food (is) a close second.

Shop my pieces here:

Follow me here:

IG: @nanalemonsstitchery


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