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Updated: Apr 1, 2023

We’re featuring Nancy Roman from honestBlossom, a local artist working in paper and fiber craft and co-founder of Tucson Handmade. Continue reading to see her thoughts about running her local handmade business in Tucson.

My pieces serve a variety of people because they are practical and affordable. My products are made with sustainability in mind. I'm always trying to figure out ways to improve my pieces and provide the best quality to the customer.

I've always enjoyed making things and I wanted to figure out a way to have a lower impact on the environment, so making things with a specific use while mostly using upcycled materials seemed like the best way to achieve that.

All of my pieces are handmade by me and most of them are made with some type of upcycled material (recycled paper, upcycled fabric, upcycled thread) or sustainable material (jute cord for plant baskets).

What I love about Tucson:

There is always something new to see (in Tucson) whether it be a hiking trail, new local restaurant, or art mural.

Shop my work here:

Follow me here:

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