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Tucson Handmade:
Local Finds

Summer DIY

June 2023

We have a few things to do while you’re trying to escape the heat. Thanks to local makers!

Melrose Macrame - DIY Square Knot Plant Hanger

Try your hand at macrame with this beginner-level plant hanger DIY kit. Supplies and instructions are included and you can request a cord color when you order.

Cicada - DIY Candle-Making Kits

CICADA wants to share the joy of candle-making with their pour-your-own candle-making kit. You can make a 100% soy wax candle with just the use of a microwave and you get to choose your scent!

Nana Lemons Stitchery - Embroidery Drawing Journal/Planner

This helpful embroidery drawing journal/planner from Nana Lemons Stitchery is for any aged stitcher wanting to organize their craft and get their ideas on paper. It's available in spiral bound sketchbook or as a download in their shop.

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