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Tucson Handmade:
Local Finds

Celebrating Tucson

January 2023

This month we’re celebrating Tucson and things that make us feel at home!

Nana Lemons Stitchery - Cactus Heart Needle Minder

This magnetic needle minder shows that home is where the heart is! It’s a fun way to keep track of your needle  during a project. It can also be worn as a magnetic pin or used as a fridge magnet when your needle is put away.

Arya Tara Candles - Arizona Sample Pack

Celebrating the scents of our outdoors, this candle sample pack boasts scents of ‘Mount Lemmon’, ‘Saguaro Blossoms’, ‘Sonoran Monsoon’ and ‘The Good Oak’! FDA-approved and sustainably sourced, the candles are made in small batches and hand poured!

Marigold Fontana - Flora Mug

These speckled buff clay mugs bring to mind Sonoran plant life and the earth that surrounds it. Each mug is built to be comfortable. What a lovely way to make your house feel like a home! 

Lila Art - 100% Fake Cactus

Cute pots with painted rock “cacti” are great for those who don’t want cactus thorns indoors. They are available in a several bright, fun designs!

RetroTrek - 2023 Calendar

If you’re still looking for the perfect wall calendar this year, check out this offering from RetroTrek. It’s locally designed and printed, celebrating the culture and landscapes in and around Tucson!

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