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Tucson Handmade for Makers

Updated: Nov 19, 2022

Tucson Handmade for Makers was created with the idea that there is room enough for all of us to thrive! We are a group of local makers and small business owners working to grow our businesses. Our “for makers” group is an online space where we can grow as a community and collaborate to promote our work.

It’s designed to be a supportive space where we can share info and plans to help each other grow as business owners. We are fostering a low pressure environment where participating in promotional activities is optional.

While the “for makers” group is private, also has public portions of the website which are meant to help Tucson shoppers easily find ways to buy from talented Tucson makers!

We have created a Shop Small Guide to list where to shop locally, online. Our Event Calendar lists local arts & crafts events where you can shop in person. Our About page will continue to feature local makers who are members of the for makers group.

If you are a local maker, interested in joining Tucson Handmade for Makers please email us with info about what you make. This can include links to social media and e-commerce shop(s) or just photos of your work.

Thank you for your interest in Tucson Handmade!