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Our Purpose

Tucson Handmade for Makers was created with the idea that there is room enough for all of us to thrive. We want to have a space where we can create a community for local makers while we collaborate to promote our work.

  • Who can join Tucson Handmade for Makers?
    The group is currently open to makers in the Tucson area who want to build their business selling their handmade work.
  • What is Tucson Handmade for Makers?
    Tucson Handmade for Makers is an online space for makers in the Tucson area. It is a place to build community and support each other as we grow our businesses.
  • How do I join Tucson Handmade for Makers?
    In order to keep the group private, all members need to be approved by admin. For that reason, is recommended that you sign up using your business email address by clicking the sign up link here. You will receive an email notification when your account is approved.
  • How do I add my event to the Event Calendar?
    Drop your in-person event in the Makers Forum under Announcements and it will be added to the events calendar. Please include the date (range if applicable), time range, name of the event and location address.
  • I had access to the discussion but now I don’t, what can I do?
    You may have accidentally exited the discussion. Please reach out to admin via message or email to regain access.
  • Is my member profile public?
    Member profiles and posts are only visible to other members of the site. All memberships are approved by group admin to ensure privacy for the group.
  • How do I submit pictures of my work to be shared by Tucson Handmade?
    The best way is by sharing photos in the group discussion. Alternatively, you can email photos to
  • What is the best way to contact group admin directly?
    Please use the contact form on this site or email
  • How do I end membership in Tucson Handmade for Makers?
    Please contact admin who will delete your membership account by using the contact form on this site or emailing
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